PRIDE Lab Members

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Dr. Adam J. Hoffman


Lab Director

Dr. Hoffman is an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at Cornell University. He researches the development of ethnic-racial and gender identities in adolescence and their implications for academic, psychosocial, and mental health outcomes.


Twitter: @DrAdamHoffman

View Dr. Hoffman's CV here.


Meg Moomaw

They/them or She/her

Graduate Research Assistant

Research interests: My primary research interest is the effects of minority stress on different minority populations including the LGBTQ community and racial and ethnic minorities. I am also interested in how clinicians can use this information to help minimize minority stress and its effects. 


Hometown: Marion, North Carolina

Degree/Program: Clinical Psychology M.A. Program


Favorite line from any movie: "I like that boulder. That is a nice boulder." - Donkey from Shrek

Favorite scent for a candle: Forest Pine

Your go-to guilty pleasure song: Take a Chance On Me - ABBA


Erin Daley


Undergraduate Research Assistant

Research interests: child development, sports psychology


Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland, Great Britain 


Degree/Program: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship

Next place you want to travel to: Iceland and the Maldives  

Favorite flavor of ice cream: Chocolate 

Recent Netflix or streaming binge: The Umbrella Academy


Jessica French


Undergraduate Research Assistant

Research Interests: I am interested in researching Native American youth, Mental Health Issues, and Social, Emotional, Behavioral problems.


Hometown: Cherokee, North Carolina


Degree/Program: Bachelors in Psychology with a minor in Cherokee Studies


Name a TV show you would want to be in: The Good Doctor 

Favorite candy: Butterfinger

Pineapple on pizza: should this be a thing? Why or why not? Absolutely! Who doesn't love a sweet and salty mix? 



Research Assistant

Are you interested in joining the PRIDE Lab? Cornell students can join the PRIDE Lab as a volunteer or for course credit. Please complete this form if you are interested and send it to Dr. Hoffman (


Dr. Hannah L. Schacter

Wayne State University

Dr. Deborah Rivas-Drake

University of Michigan

Dr. Isabelle Régner

Aix-Marseille Université, France

Dr. Kelly Lynn Mulvey

North Carolina State University

Dr. Beth Kurtz-Costes

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Dr. Brandy N. Tiernan

Western Carolina University